Give me my flowers while I live

Just getting home and grab this great read by Sonya Jean Lunsford titled "Grandma Said"! This is a must read! Reminds me of my Grandma Mozel! and the things she use to say. Great job Sonya! Inbox her for your copy!

"While reading this book , I became very emotional in a positive way. It reminded me of my mother and my children grandmother. My mother and grandmother sayings and spirit flowed throughout the pages.I cried,and laughed. I just love this book. I keep it next to me on my bed with my Bible. I read it during my meditation time for inspiration for the day and through the night. This is a must read book and I will purchase it for gifts for many."

Sylvia Norman

Amazon Customer


"This was a wonderful and inspirational read on many levels. Some of the things in this book I've heard before from older people in my lifetime. This books help you understand what many grandmother's little snips of quotes meant. I enjoyed this book to the fullest."

Actress Rollie Powell